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Hair Services


Haircut a la carte

add double wash with scalp massage $15

Scissors $45.00

Clippers $35.00

Full Service

Double wash, scalp massage, haircut & blow out



Blow Out


Double Wash, scalp massage, blow out

Formal Styling 


Please wash &  dry hair 24hrs prior for longevity


Keratin Smoothing Treatment 

Lasts up to 16 weeks (currently out of stock)


2hr service time

Express Keratin Treatment 

Lasts up to 6 weeks 


a la carte $100.00+ 

up to 1hr service time


add to full service or color service $45.00


Color        all color services include a double wash, scalp massage and complimentary blow out or flat iron finish.

Color Retouch 

single process retouch up to 1 inch of regrowth.

Additional $10/per oz. if required



up to 1.5hrs servicing time


Shadow Root Melt $125+

Single Process all over color 

(on virgin hair or going darker on previous color)

includes 4oz. mixed color

Additional $10/oz. if required



up to 2hrs servicing time


Includes 2oz mixed toner

Additional $10/oz if required



up to 1hr servicing time


add to color service $50.00+


all lightening services include glossing, double wash, scalp massage and complimentary blow out or flat iron finish. 

Balayage / Foilyage


a technique for highlighting hair in which

 is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, melted looking effect.

Partial (half head)  $285.00+ up to 2.5hrs 

Full Head $385.00+ up to 3.5hrs service time


Traditional foiling to lighten strands of hair to create dimension

Partial (half head)  $250.00+ up to 2hrs

Back to back/ heavy add $50.00 + 1hr sevice time 

Full Head $350.00+ up to 3hrs service time

back to back/heavy add $75.00 + 1hr service time

Full Blonding/ Platinum


Full (on virgin hair)  $350.00+ up to 3hrs

Retouch ​up to 1 inch $200.00+ up to 1.5hrs 


$380.00+ up to 3hrs​

Corrective Color 

per quote

*Consultation required or send your current hair pictures in natural outdoor lighting (front and back)

*along with inspirational pictures of what you'd like to have your hair look like.

send to:

*Prices are subject to change without notice  and may vary from client to client determined by

time involved, materials and product usage.

Please discuss any concerns before you book your service.

Prices are generally based on an average rate of $110/hr for color and $120/hr for lightening services. This includes service, products,materials and overhead.

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